E.V.A.T. Team

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Office Social of Pétange and Differdange

Our Team

Peters André Administrative President and Squad Leader (instructor/former fire and rescue service)

Peters Patrick Treasurer and Squad Leader (certified fire protection technician/former fire and rescue service)

Théobald Roby Secretary and Squad Leader adj.

Lamesch Patrick Executive council and Squad Leader adj. (logistics/uniform and Drill / Army Veteran)

Knop Thierry Executive council and Squad Leader adj. (safety manager)

Peiffer Jacky Executive council and Master Chief (Uniform and Drill/Army Veteran)

Peters-Luchini Marina Executive council Brigadier (women’s Representative/Social service employee)

Jimmy Maurer IT Specialist Squad Leader adj.

Eck Alain Field Officer (Master gardener and tree felling specialist)

Scheid Steve Field Officer (Tree falling specialist THW member)

Tollardo Mike Master Chief (Uniform & Drill/Army Veteran)

Ouadha Bensalha El Djilali (Takto) Chief Brigadier (Demolition specialist)

Sabino Andreia Volunteer

Nathalie Leidner Volunteer

No trainees at the moment

Peters Michaela Master Graduated language and social expert Squad Leader adj. (o.s)

Peters Mike Graduated engineer Water and sewage engineering Squad Leader adj. (o.s)

Guirsch Pierre Volunteer (o.s)

Silva Serj President and Representative from “the SHIELD”  Association (o.s)